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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When you write about science, you should at least talk to scientists

There is a vast amount of peer-reviewed science showing that the climate of the earth is changing rapidly and humans are the cause.

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And then there is this drivel from Politico claiming that climate scientists are skeptical of climate change and are urging caution, but does not quote a single climate scientist. Joe Romm offers an excellent rebuttal to this on his blog Climate Progress, but it must get frustrating to refute the same old denialist talking points over and over again. Unfortunately many journalists believe that they need to "balance" a story with views from the other side, but this is the equivalent of taking moon landing skeptics as seriously as NASA.

Next week I am attending the EPA Climate Change Symposium in Milwaukee which will look at the changes that are happening now and in the future in the Great Lakes region. I have a keen interest in this subject and have been fortunate to be able to access primary peer-reviewed science on climate and ecology. The consensus among actual climate scientists is as strong as any in science, and muddying the waters to score political points will only delay the actions that are needed to try and slow the rate of change that is occurring. The IPCC report linked above is the scientific equivalent of screaming "this is happening now and we need to do something!" We ignore this at our (and future generations) peril.

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