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Thursday, April 9, 2009

What You Can Do About Mold

There is a lot of information on the Internet about mold, as well as a lot of misinformation. Mold is a symptom of too much moisture so in order to rid your home of it you need to stop the moisture at the source.

Mold around windows is common during winter due to condensation forming and flowing down the window. Clean up the mold with a light bleach solution and consider using a plastic film window insulation kit next winter. These kits are inexpensive and will help keep the surface temperature above the dew point so condensation will not form.

Basement floods can be a real problem, since mold can begin forming within 24 hours of the flood as long as there is moisture present. Anything absorbent such as rugs should be taken out and dried thoroughly, cardboard boxes and paper removed, and the basement needs to be dried completely.

If you have any questions regarding mold, flooding, or related topics I have more information available at my office at Trust Lands, or call me at 475-2415 ext. 35. I can also come out to your house to assess mold and moisture problems. Give me a call!

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