The Grand Portage Reservation is at the northeastern tip of Minnesota. The Air Quality Program has many ongoing projects in order to maintain healthy indoor and outdoor air. These projects include monitoring for regional haze and particulate matter, indoor air quality, invasive plant removal, public outreach, environmental education, alternative energy, and climate change.

Monday, May 2, 2011


The Environmental Protection Agency has a blog about living green called Greenversations. I wrote an article for this blog about the Oshki Ogimaag, the Grand Portage Charter School, student community cleanup. Last year the students celebrated Earth Day and spring by cleaninging up trash in their community, and they are going to do another clean-up this year. The clean-up was scheduled to happen the week around Earth Day, but due to lingering snow and wet weather, it has been postponed. It will happen this Friday at 10 am, so join us then at the school to clean up the community. Check out the EPA blog to read the article (due to editing in Washington, the blog article states that the clean-up has already happened).

To promote the clean up, the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students created posters to put up around the community. Here is a poster that Sarah created.

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