The Grand Portage Reservation is at the northeastern tip of Minnesota. The Air Quality Program has many ongoing projects in order to maintain healthy indoor and outdoor air. These projects include monitoring for regional haze and particulate matter, indoor air quality, invasive plant removal, public outreach, environmental education, alternative energy, and climate change.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Comet PANSTARRS Update

This coming week observers in the northern hemisphere will finally get a chance to see comet PANSTARRS, which has been brightening steadily over the month of February. Follow the link above for maps, but here in Grand Portage one of the best places to look for it is to go out to the end of Hat Point by the water pumping station around sunset and look west across the bay. I will set up my big telescope and my camera tripod and attempt to get some photos so if anyone wants a look come on out to Hat Point on clear evenings next week. Binoculars will help in finding the comet but hopefully it should be visible to the naked eye. Start looking around March 8th and keep looking all week as the comet will fade in brightness as the month passes.

Here's to clear skies!

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