The Grand Portage Reservation is at the northeastern tip of Minnesota. The Air Quality Program has many ongoing projects in order to maintain healthy indoor and outdoor air. These projects include monitoring for regional haze and particulate matter, indoor air quality, invasive plant removal, public outreach, environmental education, alternative energy, and climate change.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Study Links Air Pollution And Autism

A new study from Harvard's School of Public Health has linked autism with exposure of the mother to air pollution. The study builds on research published in 2006 and 2012 which first made the linkage between autism and air pollution. From the report at Bloomberg:
Researchers from Harvard University’s School of Public Health found that pregnant women exposed to high levels of diesel particulates or mercury were twice as likely to have an autistic child compared with peers in low-pollution areas. The findings, published today in Environmental Health Perspectives, are from the largest U.S. study to examine the ties between air pollution and autism.

More research needs to be done to determine how air pollution can affect developing brains but the evidence is becoming stronger that there is a link. All the more reason to be vigilant in protecting our air.