The Grand Portage Reservation is at the northeastern tip of Minnesota. The Air Quality Program has many ongoing projects in order to maintain healthy indoor and outdoor air. These projects include monitoring for regional haze and particulate matter, indoor air quality, invasive plant removal, public outreach, environmental education, alternative energy, and climate change.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tribal Healthy Homes Program Completes Testing On First Group Of Homes

Last week was a busy one for me, training with the American Lung Association tech team testing homes for air quality in Grand Portage. We tested six homes - looking for mold and moisture problems, carbon monoxide from furnaces and ovens, ventilation, humidity, and more.

The testing went well, and after the reports for each home are complete then we will develop a plan to improve the air in the homes through remediation. The goal of the project is to improve the health of the people living in the homes, and since the program is through the ALA the priority is to identify and repair homes of persons with asthma and other breathing problems.

One finding that surprised me was that the newest stoves tested gave off the most carbon monoxide - in some cases over 5 times more than some of the older, simpler stoves. This shows the importance of using your kitchen fan when cooking. Carbon monoxide is deadly in large enough concentrations, and is odorless and colorless. If you are unsure about your stove and want me to test it call me at 475-2415 ext. 35, or e-mail, or stop by my office at the Trust Lands building.

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