The Grand Portage Reservation is at the northeastern tip of Minnesota. The Air Quality Program has many ongoing projects in order to maintain healthy indoor and outdoor air. These projects include monitoring for regional haze and particulate matter, indoor air quality, invasive plant removal, public outreach, environmental education, alternative energy, and climate change.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World Class Air Pollution

I am a big Olympics fan, particularly of the winter games, but I feel very sorry for the athletes that have to breathe the toxic soup that passes for air in Beijing. The outdoor distance events must be brutal

The government of China has spent millions to try to clean the air there in time for the games, but the sheer volume of unregulated pollution cannot be mitigated by shutting down some nearby factories and reducing the number of cars in the city.

Current estimates of the air quality in China do not include fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), one of the most hazardous forms of pollution for long term lung problems. They have said they will begin monitoring for PM 2.5 after the games, so it will be interesting to compare the readings of the Air Quality Index after they release that data.

I will bet that the Grand Portage AQI is better!

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