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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peregrine Falcons Fledging In Duluth

I happened to catch this post at Sam Cook's blog about the four peregrine falcon chicks that have hatched atop the Graysolon Plaza in Duluth. They are expected to fly around July first, and naturalists from Hawk Ridge will be stationed along the Lakewalk at Lake Place Park Tuesday through Saturday to show them to the public. Peregrines have adapted well to our urban landscapes in the decades following their near extinction due to DDT in the environment. The recovery of raptors since the U.S. ban on DDT has been remarkable, and seeing a perigrine in flight (or better yet a full 200+mph dive!) is something not to be missed.

I have had Merlins (another falcon - small, fast and fierce) nest in my yard and was lucky to be able to watch as they grew from awkward noisy fuzzballs to swift noisy juveniles. If you are in Duluth take the time to see the peregrines as they prepare for their first flight.

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Amy said...

We will be in Duluth on July 2 on our way to GP - hope we get to see them!
Amy LeGarde Chapin