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Friday, September 17, 2010

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

First step, throw out your old, toxic cleaners. Get rid of any harsh smelling, toxic cleaners that are filling your house with toxic fumes. Many cleaners have VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and you do not want these anywhere in your house. Even when the containers are closed, they can still leak fumes into your home. No one should be exposed to these fumes, but it is especially harmful for asthmatic children or children in general because they eat more, drink more, and breathe more for their body mass. You can take the cleaners to the next Hazardous Waste Collection Day here in Grand Portage. Do not just throw them away or send them down the drain as we do not want those chemicals seeping into our land or water.

Here is a good website that gives tips on what steps to take for using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Next, buy new eco-friendly cleaners or make your own. You can re-use containers when you make your own, and it's easy and cheap!
You can find plenty of recipes if you do a quick search online, but basically you just need baking soda, white vinegar, castile soap and water. You can add lemon juice or essential oils, like lavender, to make the products smell nice.
If you want an all purpose cleaner, mix a little white vinegar with water. If you have a tougher spot to clean or are cleaning ovens, toilets or bath tubs, add baking soda or castile soap to the mixture and use hot water.

Third, label all your homemade products, so you know what you have.

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